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What is a lawn scarifier?

A lawn scarifier, sometimes referred to as a ‘Dethatcher’, is a garden tool that is designed to cut through the soil, helping to remove dead moss and other debris like grass cuttings. The cutting action of the tool, either powered by electricity or a manual push action, also helps to aerate the soil, making it healthier, (almost) weed free and longer lasting.


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This is the method that has the most effect on a lawn. With the largest blades being used, they are able to penetrate the lawn deep into the thatch, mat and soil layer. This will look like a lot of damage has been carried out to the lawn however the process is about getting rid of thatch, breaking up the mat and soil so that air, water and nutrients can once again flow freely through the soil and subsequently the turf. So, once the lawn has been scarified it will start to heal. As a handy tip, seed and lawn fertilizer can then be added to the affected areas which will once again help with the healing process.

The steps beyond the ones mentioned above are to then give your turf time to heal and recuperate from the damaging process of scarifying. Once the turf has healed it should then blossom into a beautiful, healthy, luscious lawn.

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