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AlphaWorks 10GPM Diesel Fuel Box

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The small size, reliable & simple installation of the pump, hoses & nozzle are all designed to fit within the portable & sturdy case, making it easy to carry & transport, while the whole kit is compact enough for efficient storage. The pump has a built-in secure handle to the frame allowing for secure use during operation. Making for a great on-the-go pump or emergency backup for diesel fuel transfer applications.

  • 10GPM/40LPM
  • DIESEL ONLY (Do not use for gasoline)
  • Self-Priming 1
  • 2V DC Pump
  • Red/Black (+/-) Alligator Clamp Connections
  • 13ft. (4m) Delivery Hose w/ filter
  • 6.5ft. (2m) Suction Hose with Filter
  • Aluminum Manual Nozzle.
  • Operates in temperature ranges of -4 F to 140 F (-20 C - 60 C)
  • Thermal protected
  • Built-in Bypass Valve time of 3 minutes
  • Duty Cycle of 30 minutes intervals & a Cool Down of 30 minutes between cycles.

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