AlphaWorks Leaf Blower Cordless/ Disinfectant Fogger Machine 2 in 1

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  • PROFESSIONAL SPECS - Our 2-in-1 Cordless Fogger and Blower is powered by a 48V DC 88.8Wh Li-Ion Driven Electric Motor; Achievable Coverage: 32 FT (9.1meters) and 10,000 Square Feet of Coverage per tank; Max Fluid Capacity: 1GAL/4L Max Flow Rate, producing 115mph Blower Speeds; great for public/animal structures, lawn/gardens, crops/orchards, plants/grow beds in stellar time.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN - Built for high-speed aerosol distribution and debris dispersion, fast diffusion, and strong penetration; Studies show that ULV foggers generate a fog/mist formed of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets of 0-50m in size and are ideal for fighting pathogens, and vector carriers; Equipped w/ a Large Wide Mouth for easy filling and includes a screen filter to keep dirt/debris out of the tank.
  • BEST APPLICATION - Made to excel in large area spraying but is effective for evaporative cooling of barns/animal rearing/livestock facilities; Use for public sanitation/disinfection of airports, docks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, theaters, or for controlling humidity in guitar factories, wine barrel storage rooms, small greenhouses, plant preparation rooms; ULV fogging equipment is used predominately for the application of disinfecting.
  • SAFETY - Always wear hand, eye, and breathing protection when operating the Fogger/Blower; Keep all electrical connections dry and free of moisture, condensation, and water; Keep hands dry before touching on/off the power switch; After spraying chemicals, clean the tank with water, use detergent to clean completely; Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight; [DO NOT USE WITH TOXIC OR CORROSIVE CHEMICALS; RECOMMENDED USE WITH WATER BASED CHEMICALS and CDC/EPA APPROVED DISINFECTANTS].

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