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SuperHandy Mini Garden Tiller & Cultivator - Gas-Powered

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This mini outdoor power equipment packs quite the punch! Our SuperHandy Mini Garden Tiller & Cultivator is the perfect machine to turn your barren wasteland into a flourished garden! Our tiller is great at Digging, Soil Cultivation, Aeration, Creating Loose Seedbeds & Dirt/Weed Removal.


This Tiller has a powerful 3HP 52cc 2-Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine. Recoil starter & centrifugal friction clutch, that provides excellent power to weight ratio performance, where it counts. Recommended Fuel for this tiller is a 30:1 Gas & Oil mixture. Recommend 90-93 Octane Gas with less than 10% Ethanol; Oil standard JASO M345/JASO-FC/FD for 2-Stroke engines. Or use a 50:1 pre-mix/pre-blend fuel. Max Fuel tank capacity is 0.26 Gallons (1 Liter).


This compact design includes (4) Solid Steel Forward Rotating Tines that are Replaceable & Adjustable. A Tilling Scope Width of 11.8in (300mm) & a Tilling Depth of 3.9in to 5.9in (100-150mm ), that allows for fast & efficient work to be accomplished. 


Always operate according to directions outlined in the user manual, and always wear the appropriate hand and eye protection.