• 48V Brushless motor
  • Total range of up to 6.5 miles (10km) per charge.
  • Max Weight Capacity of 275 lbs.
  • Detachable tote bag
  • Foot pegs 

Portable Convenience

Easily fit in the trunk of an average-sized sedan

Light as a 26 pound feather

  • Easy-to-transport. Foldable Design
  • Quickly disassemble into 5 lightweight pieces
  • Frame weighs only 26 lbs 
  • Full Weight - 35 lbs

Accessible Replaceable Battery

  • Easy to swap & go.
  • Includes 2 SuperHandy 48v Li-ion Batteries.

Additional batteries can be purchased for even more range

      The Mobility Scooter for Everyone

      Equipped with a manual Fast Acting Drum Brake System, allowing for quick braking in dire situations. Ride with style and comfort with a Wide 16.9” Fully Padded Faux Leather Seat and Backrest, providing comfortable cushioning that is removable with easy Adjustable Height Settings to suit users of all heights. Controlled by a variable speed Thumb Drive Accelerator, to propel the scooter with ease while providing less wrist and grip fatigue during use.


      Scoot Responsibly! 

      This Scooter is classified as a "Non-Medical Device" and is not intended to assist, treat, diagnose or alleviate any medical condition or disability;
      Do not make turns at high speeds or on steep inclines, your scooter may tip over. Always perform a "Pre-Ride Safety Check" before use. Always use the parking brake when parking the scooter. Always use two hands when operating.