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AlphaWorks Disinfecting Nano ULV Sprayer

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The Nano sprayer works best with water based disinfectants and is also compatible with most odor eliminators, all purpose cleaners, plant nutrient sprays and more! If it works in a boring manual spray bottle it will work with the Nano ULV sprayer! (Check your fluid manufacturer for compatibility with Electrostatic/ULV Foggers and Sprayers) Features a ESD On/Off Button. Adjustable mist settings. Built in illuminating light. Long lasting rechargeable battery.

  • Ultra Low Volume droplets below 50um/Mm (microns)
  • 360 degree coverage and disinfectant protection
  • 12V Li-Ion Battery
  • Max Spray Distance: 135" Inches (11 Feet)
  • Max Tank Capacity: 34oz,
  • Max/Minimum Flow Rate 200-220ml/min
  • Equipped with Charger Indicator and Operating Light
  • Adjustable Control knob for adjusting the atomization particle size
  • Weighs 1.1 lbs
  • CHARGE: by GFCI Outlet, when all 4 Light lite the device is Fully Charged;
  • Always charge at temperatures between 32 F-120 F (0 C-49 C)