G 20V 2Ah Replacement Battery - For 20V Battery Systems, Hedge Trimmer, Chainsaw, & String Trimmer


Sale price$71.99


This 2Ah Lithium Ion battery is a 20V DC design and construction with a Max 36Wh (Watt Hour) capacity, providing adequate power while efficient and functional. This 20V battery is designed to be used with our Cordless Snow Thrower and our Cordless Electrostatic ULV Fogger Sprayer; Integrated LED Battery Indicator Light allows you to monitor battery charge during its cycle/use. Designed the resilient impact-resistant insulating case for long-lasting life and battery protection in extreme winter climate conditions down to 1°F/-17.8°C; Built-in Circuit Protector aids against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

(Use Only for Snow Thrower, Electrostatic Handheld ULV Fogger Sprayer, and Select Outdoor Garden Tools - All Not Included)

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