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KITCHENER Chicken Plucker

Regular price $489.99

Our Chicken Plucker is a Heavy Duty Commercial De-Feather Remover Poultry & Fowl Food Processor, built of premium safe & sanitary 403 Brushed Stainless Steel body/base

  • 1.2HP 120VAC 800W 280RPM
  • Planetary Gear Transmission Reduction Motor
  • Over-current protector
  • GFCI Connector
  • Included w/ 92 soft fingers
  • 20" drum dia.
  • Barrel Thickness: 0.6mm. (0.023 or 1/32 in.)
  • Panels Thickness: 0.3mm. (0.011 or 1/64 in.)
  • Capable of 2-4 birds at one time, in just 15-30 seconds per foul