Landworks Rotomolded Beverage Dispenser - 5 Gal, Built-in Handle, Built-In Seat


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Our Landworks Rotomolded 5 GALLON / 20 QT / 8.9L / 640 Oz Ice Water Sports Beverage Cooler goes BEYOND the minimum standard Days of Ice Retention but up to 5 Days or Longer (if pre-cooled, kept in low: temps & UV index). Food Grade Safe, Dry Ice Compatible & Tough Enough to Endure Whatever Nature Throws at You!

  • 3-5 Days or LONGER of Ice Retention is now possible (if pre-cooled, kept at low: temps and UV index)
  • Sleek Grip Seat Surface for sitting on
  • Commercial Grade 360 D-Seal Style 15mm Gasket (Trapping All Cold Inside)
  • Recessed Zero-Leak Drip Resistant Faucet
  • Internal Dimensions: 17"L x 15"W x 16"H (inches)
  • Empty Weight: 14lbs)
  • 3" THICK Insulated Walls
  • All Round UV Protective Shell

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