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SuperHandy Diesel Transfer Pump Kit 10GPM/40LPM

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SuperHandy Heavy Duty Electric Driven Self-Priming DC 12V Alligator Clamp Connections Portable Fuel Transfer Kit has a Flow Rate of 10GPM/40LPM & is designed ONLY for DIESEL FUELS. This pumps strong durable frame & handle includes a Manual Aluminum Nozzle, a 13ft. (4m) Delivery/Suction hose (easy to cut & customize to your needs) & Filter. This kit is idea for quick & safe fueling applications on the go or as a back up portable unit. Buying our products & become Super & Handy with SuperHandy.

  • 10 GPM Diesel Transfer Pump Kit
  • SPECIFICATIONS - This portable kit includes the 10GPM/40LPM DIESEL ONLY Self-Priming 12V DC Pump w/Alligator Clamp Connections, a 13ft. (4m) Delivery/Suction Hose (easy to cut & customize to your needs) with Filter & Aluminum Manual Nozzle.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE -The pump, hoses & nozzle are all designed to be portable & transport easy for on the go or emergency back-up applications. The pump has a built-in secure handle & frame allowing for efficient storage & applicable use for: boats, pick-up/work trucks & agricultural.
  • SAFETY & PROPER USE - The SuperHandy pump comes in a very strong & durable steel frame to protect the pump during transit & the user during operation. This pump is designed for (DIESEL FUEL ONLY) - DO NOT USE FOR GASOLINE