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SuperHandy String Trimmer

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Our one-piece, seamless deck offset frame design allows for upright trimming against foundations, fence lines/stiles& easily reach underneath shrubs with precise control & reduced vibration. Great for Outdoor Landscaping in: lawn/garden, walkways, field brush, tall grass & weeds. Includes: a tool-less handlebar (with adjustment knobs) for easy compact storage & transportation, with our All-Terrain High-Wheel design has uncanny maneuverability.


  • 79cc 2 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine
  • Max Output Power of 5kW (which 5X the power of handheld trimmers)
  • High Max Rotation Speed of 3600RPMs
  • Trimmer line size: 0.12" x 0.12" x 19.7"
  • Trimmer Line Dia. of: 21" Diameter (Cutting Swath).
  • Engine runs on Unleaded 87+ octane Gasoline (10%< less ETHANOL recommended)
  • Max capacity of 0.7 gallons
  • EPA Certified/CARB Compliant.