SuperHandy Plate Compactor Heavy Duty Upgraded Design - 7HP 4200lbs Impact Force - Water Tank for Concrete and Dirt


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This Force Compaction Plate Compactor is a powerful and efficient tool for a variety of outdoor and concrete projects. It features a built-in water tank that helps to keep dust at a minimum by dispensing water around the area of compaction. The tank is easy to refill with a large twist-off cap on top and can be emptied by removing the hose from the sprinkler system and releasing the valve.

The compactor is powered by a 7Hp 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine with a Max Output Power of 5kW, Exciter Speed of 5500VPM, Travel Speed 115FT/min and a High Max Rotation Speed of 3600RPMs. This results in a Compaction Force of 4200-Pounds (19Kn burst high impact force) and a Max Compaction Depth of 12 inches. The compactor also features a heavy-duty industrial size 20” (508mm) x 15" (381mm) Steel Compacting Plate, and includes folding wheels for easy storage.

The compactor is designed with a specially designed shock absorption system, which results in minimal vibration transfer to the single lever direction control. This provides easy handling, increased operator comfort, and reduced fatigue. The compactor is great for outdoor and concrete projects such as lawn/garden, sand, walkways, patios, paver installations or asphalting projects. It is also very maneuverable and can be used in narrow confined areas.

Safety is a top priority with this compactor, and the engine is designed to ensure the operator's safety. It is important to always operate the machine according to the directions in the user manual and to always wear the appropriate ANSI standard hand & eye protection. It is important to note that engine oil is not included and must be added upon un-boxing. The engine runs on Unleaded 87+ octane Gasoline (10%< less ETHANOL recommended) & a Max capacity of 0.7 gallons. It is important to only use this Plate Compactor for approved applications and it is EPA Certified/CARB Compliant.

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