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Our collection of best-selling utility wagons, log splitters, leaf blowers, wood chippers, cord reels, food processing tools, ice coolers from SuperHandy, Landworks, Goodyear and more brands.

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Keeper :)

Works pretty well, had to chip a lot of small branches fresh and old. Great addition to my garden tools. Very satisfying.

Product: SuperHandy 3-in-1 Wood Chipper


It's not perfect for everyone, but it's perfect for me!

The SuperHandy 20-ton log splitter made quick work of some 20" turkey oak! This was from a dying turkey oak tree I cut down a few weeks prior.

Product: SuperHandy 20-Ton Log Splitter


Met Expectations for Day 1- Continues to impress

Update: 2 months later.Continue to be impressed with machine. It continues to work well for me. I grab this cart instead of my contractor's wheelbarrow.

Product: Landworks Utility Cart

Larry L. Davis

This is an excellent unit for the money

This is an excellent unit for the money. It is very sturdy with a solid frame and hose reel assembly that can be floor, wall, or ceiling mounted.

Product: Goodyear Air Hose Reel Retractable 3/8" Inch x 50'


Pumps 5W30 fast!

I bought this to replace a Samson Pump Master 2. The could pump 1 gallon of 5W30 in 45 seconds at its fastest. This dispenses the gallon in 11 seconds! Installation was easy.

Product: Lubeworks Oil Transfer Drum Pump 1:1

Charlie Cox

Super Easy to use/charge/store. 2 years later, no complaints.

I think my headline says it all. I've not had a single issue with this machine. Have been using it on and off, lending it to buddies to dig posts, for about 2+ years now. Customer service is super patient and helpful as well.

Product: Landworks Earth Auger Power Head


Honest Review

Pros: Lightweight, Semi-affordable Travel basket, Battery indicator, Requires small batteries, the size of a power tool. Cons: Too lightweight to be sturdy.

Product: G Brand Basic Mobility Scooter

Sad Eyes

Powerful little slicer

I cure and smoke my own bacon as well as summer sausage, and I needed a slicer to make my life a bit easier.So far this one fits the bill perfectly. If you're looking for a commercial grade unit, this one isn't for you. But if you're searching for a slicer that can handle your home processing needs at a decent price, look no further.

Product: Kitchener 7.5" Meat Slicer

Louie G

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