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Garden Fogger Sprayers

Navigate the world of fogging with our versatile Electrostatic Foggers, offering tank sizes from 34oz to 3 gallons. Handheld or backpack, corded or cordless, powered by 20V or 48V Li-Ion batteries – find the perfect solution for your fogging requirements.
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AlphaWorks Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer & Fogger - For Cleaning, Garden, Hydroponics, Multipurpose

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Introducing our unique Electrostatic ULV Fogger Sprayer, combining advanced technology from ULV Foggers and Electrostatic Sprayers. Our unit produc...

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How to choose the right garden fogger for your needs?

Selecting an ideal garden fogger truly parallels choosing the perfect sunhat. It's about fit, function, and a bit of flair.

Garden Size: Much like the brim of a hat shields against the sun, your fogger's spray reach and tank capacity should encompass your garden's expanse. Bigger spaces need a broader 'brim'.

Pest Type: The same way a hat is picked for the season, pick a fogger for your pests. Mosquitoes? Gnats? Get the fogger that targets them best.

Ease and Maintenance: Just as a comfy hat becomes a go-to, a user-friendly fogger — easy to fill, use, and clean — will become your favorite gardening ally.

Finding your fogger may take a little research, but when you find the one that 'fits', it's a game-changer for garden care.

What are the benefits of using an electric sprayer in your garden?

Using an electric sprayer in your garden brings a multitude of benefits:

Effortless Application: It's a breeze to use. No more pumping by hand — just press a button and you’re evenly misting your plants with ease.

Consistent Coverage: An electric sprayer provides uniform coverage, ensuring no plant is left unprotected. Every nook and cranny gets a fair share of your care.

Adjustable Settings: With customizable nozzles, you can tailor the pressure and droplet size to each plant's needs, much like adjusting a shower head for the perfect pressure.

In essence, an electric sprayer is a garden guardian angel, making plant care effortless, efficient, and precise.

Electric backpack sprayer vs. handheld sprayer: Which one is better for your garden?

Electric backpack sprayer vs. handheld sprayer: Which one suits your garden best? It's a choice between the endurance of a bicycle for larger plots and the agility of a skateboard for smaller spaces.

Backpack Sprayers:

  • Capacity: Go further with less refilling — great for extensive gardens.
  • Battery Power: Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to convenience.
  • Best For: Larger areas and frequent, extensive treatments.

Handheld Sprayers:

  • Compactness: Small and nimble, it's ideal for targeted applications.
  • Ease of Use: Quick to grab and go for those immediate spraying needs.
  • Best For: Smaller gardens or focused treatment areas.

Your garden's size and treatment frequency are your map to choosing the right sprayer. Whether it's the broad coverage of a backpack sprayer or the spot-on precision of a handheld, the right choice will keep your garden thriving on the right path.