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Refurbished SuperHandy Electric Chicken Plucker - 20" Drum Stainless Steel Poultry Processor 120V Corded

Refurbished Item

This item is essentially brand new. It might contain cosmetic damages such as scratches or dents. It might be repackaged and may or may not contain the operators manual.

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This product is Refurbished - It might have some cosmetic defects such as scratches or dents. It is has not been used and might not come in its original packaging. It might be missing the operators manual, a digital download is available in the next tab.

Our Refurbished SuperHandy Electric Chicken Plucker is the perfect solution for easy and convenient D-I-Y chicken plucking. Featuring a powerful 1HP 120V AC motor, 92 soft rubber fingers, and a large stainless steel drum, this poultry processor makes feather removal a breeze. Its compact design and 2 wheels allow for easy storage and transportation. Made of safe and sanitary brushed stainless steel, the plucker can handle multiple birds at once with its 20" diameter drum. In just 3 minutes, your poultry will be free of feathers (depending on proper scalding and bird size). Safety is a top priority with a built-in overload protector for your circuitry, and a helpful instructional video is available for proper installation and calibration of the proximity sensor. Remember, correct set-up is key to ensure the machine works properly.

SuperHandy Chicken Plucker

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