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Carretillas y vagones utilitarios

Discover a blend of tradition and innovation with our Utility Wagons and Wheelbarrows. Whether you prefer manual operation or the convenience of electric, we've got you covered. Our electric wagons come in two distinct models: one powered by a 48V Li-ion battery system and another by a 48V AGM Lead Acid battery system, ensuring versatility for various tasks.
Precio original $749.99 - Precio original $749.99
Precio original $749.99
$862.99 - $862.99
Precio actual $862.99

Carretilla eléctrica autopropulsada SuperHandy - Sistema de batería de 48 V 2 Ah, capacidad máxima de 330 lb, 4 Cu. Tina de pies

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¡QUITA UNA CARGA! Nuestra carretilla SuperHandy es una pieza esencial de equipo motorizado para exteriores que definitivamente necesita agregar a...

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Precio original $699.99 - Precio original $699.99
Precio original $699.99
$804.99 - $804.99
Precio actual $804.99

SuperHandy Electric Wheelbarrow Utility Cart - 24V DC, 330lbs Load Capacity, Ideal for Material & Debris Hauling

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Discover the future of hauling with the SuperHandy Electric Wheelbarrow. Designed for efficiency, safety, and eco-friendliness, this wheelbarrow is...

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