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FuelWorks Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF/UREA Transfer Pump Kit

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  • OUR MOST POPULAR DEF/UREA TRANSFER PUMP KIT - This Commercial capable Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) & UREA Transfer Pump Kit is designed for all DIY or Professional applications. Capable of delivering fast flows & precision volumes of various fluids with the use of the Flow Meter. Built to meet & exceed industrial grade quality standards & provide dependable performance. Manufactured to OSHA & ISO Regulations, making this a solid choice for the everyday Hard Working American!
  • PRO-SPECS - This DEF/UREA Transfer Pump Kit includes an AC 120V 300W 2.5A Single Phase Asynchronous (Induction) Motor¬â€
  • EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY - This pump is a self-priming closed structure, volumetric, diaphragm pump, equipped with a by-pass valve. Induction Motors are Low Tension with Intermittent Cycling capability & are self-ventilated, making our pumps reliable for your desired application. The compact size, reliable & simple installation of the pump, hoses, flow meter & nozzle are all designed for making it easy to transfer liquids. This pump is ideal for pick-ups, tractors & agricultural applications.
  • SAFETY & BEST APPLICATION - This pump comes in a very strong & durable polypropylene/Steel body to protect the pump during mounting & user operation. We recommend always wearing proper eye & hand protection when operating this pump. Recommended for continuous use under maximum backpressure. This pump is suitable & Permitted only for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), UREA, Weak Acid, Weak Alkaline Fluid & Water. This pump can withstand tough temperature ranges of 14¬∞F to 140¬∞F (-10¬∞C to 60¬∞C).
  • Fuelworks is proud to be the leading equipment manufacturer for America. We are confident you will find our products to be of superior quality.