Landworks 2" Inch Trailer Ball Mount Tow Hitch Heavy Duty Accessory


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  • DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS - Our Landworks Heavy Duty Trailer Ball Tow Hitch is specifically designed for the Landworks Electric Wheelbarrow/Wagon/Utility Cart, to be used for transporting/towing large or recreational/agricultural vehicles. This Tow Hitch has a 2” inch Chrome Drop-in Ball Mount that can withstand a Max Weight Capacity of 5,000 LBS (Pounds)(2.5 Tons) Tongue Weight.
  • EFFICIENT & RESILIENT DESIGN - The Landworks Heavy Duty Ball Tow Hitch is made of Construction Grade Steel, that is Chrome plated & utilizes a Drop-in easy-to-use method of installation. This Tow Hitch is secured by a Safety Locking D-Pin, which is the most common pin lock used in towing.
  • SAFETY & PROPER USE - We always recommend that users always wear hand & eye protection when operating any machinery/equipment, for your safety. When attaching the Trailer Hitch, make sure that the Safety D-Pin is fully closed & locked before continuing to mount for hauling. When attaching any attachment to the Wheelbarrow/Wagon/Utility Cart, be sure to do so when the unit is turned off & load-free.
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