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Pre-Owned Landworks Electric Leaf Shredder & Mulcher - 3 Steel Blades, 120V Corded

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The Landworks Electric Leaf Shredder & Mulcher, featuring 3 durable steel blades, is a top choice for maintaining a tidy and environmentally-conscious yard. Its robust construction and powder-coated finish ensure long-lasting use. This efficient machine runs on electricity and has no harmful emissions, making it an eco-friendly option. Designed with steel legs and wheels, it can be easily transported to wherever it's needed. For extended reach, pair it with our popular extension cord reels and their retractable cords. Safety is a priority, so the shredder comes equipped with a built-in overload protector and user manual instructions for proper operation. Remember to wear appropriate hand and eye protection when using the shredder.

Landworks Electric Leaf Mulcher

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