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Early Memorial Day Savings Event. 15% off orders over $99! No promo code required, see terms for more details.
15% off orders over $99! No promo code required, terms apply.

Pre-Owned SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair - 250W Motors, Electromagnetic Braking - Lightweight Supports up to 220lbs

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The item has been carefully checked and tested to ensure it works perfectly. You'll also enjoy peace of mind with a 6 Month Warranty. All Pre-Owned Sales are Final.

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Precio original $999.99
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Precio actual $569.99
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Introducing the SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair: Lightweight, Foldable, and Powerful. Experience enhanced freedom and independence with effortless maneuvering through various terrains and a maximum speed of 4MPH. Embrace accessibility and freedom with this portable and sturdy solution.
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