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SuperHandy Electric Tugger Cart, Industrial Tow Tractor Riding Scooter - 1 Seater, 2600 lbs Towing Cap, 350 lbs Load Cap, 12V 9Ah Battery - for Warehouse Material & Mobility Personnel Transport

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  • POWERFUL TUGGING CAPACITY: The SuperHandy Utility Tugger is an electric tow tractor equipped with a 500W brushless motor powered by (4) 12V 9Ah Lead Acid AGM Internal batteries, boasting a 2600lb towing capacity and 350lb riding capacity. Its heavy-duty construction and versatility make it perfect for various industrial and logistics applications, from warehouses and airports to farms and manufacturing machinery. It can also be used as a traditional mobility scooter as a secondary use case.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION: With a compact all-aluminum frame design and a convenient toolbox for storage, the SuperHandy Utility Tugger is an excellent choice for cargo handling equipment, pallet mover applications, and more. Whether you need a cart mover, tow tug, electric tow tractor, or warehouse personnel carrier, the SuperHandy Utility Tugger is designed to adapt to various heavy-duty industrial settings.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT: The SuperHandy Utility Tugger is designed for efficiency and comfort, with an ergonomic adjustable handle and seat, shock absorption system, and pneumatic tires that provide a smooth and comfortable ride. It's ideal for heavy-duty walk-behind tuggers, rider tuggers, manufacturing machinery, logistics equipment, and warehouse scooters.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: The SuperHandy Utility Tugger is built for safety and ease of use, with a reliable disc brake system, short steering radius, and speeds of 4.3MPH Forward and 1.8MPH Reverse. It's the perfect choice for tow tractors, power tuggers, or other heavy-duty warehouse machinery, ensuring maximum safety and control at all times.
  • VERSATILE UTILITY: The SuperHandy Utility Tugger is an easy-to-use solution for transporting materials. It comes with a multilocational pin towing hitch that adapts to your hauling needs, allowing you to use it as a tractor to tow multiple trailers or as a pulling cart. Its rugged design makes it ideal for various heavy-duty cargo handling and pallet moving applications in different industrial settings, from manufacturing machinery to supermarkets.

Power: 500W brushless motor, powered by four 12V 9Ah batteries.
Capacity: 2600lb towing and 350lb riding.
Functionality: Serves multiple roles, including electric tow tractor and personnel carrier.
Safety: Features reliable disc brake system.
Speed: Operates at 4.3MPH forward, 1.8MPH reverse.
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