Lubeworks Digital Oil Gun - 10GPM, 1/2" NPT Inlet, Flexible Nozzle & Locking Trigger

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Introducing our Preset Digital Control Valve, designed to provide efficient and precise measurement and dispensing of oils, synthetic hydraulic oils, gear oils, and transmission fluids. With a maximum flow rate of 10GPM and a precision of 0.5%, this valve can handle viscosities ranging from 8-5000mPas, while delivering consistent measurements and smooth dispensing. The valve is battery-powered and comes with a low battery indicator to avoid sudden shut-offs. The aluminum frame, ergonomic oil-resistant exterior, and waterproof polypropylene shell ensure durability and strength. The valve weighs only 3.6 lbs, including the Digital Preset LCD Meter and Flexible Spout, and has zero back pressure capability. For safety, always follow manual instructions for setup, wear protective gear, and only use with suitable lubrication/transfer equipment.

  • Maximum flow rate of 10GPM with a precision of 0.5%
  • Battery-powered with low battery indicator
  • Can handle viscosities ranging from 8-5000mPas
  • Suitable for oils, synthetic hydraulic oils, gear oils, and transmission fluids, with a MAX working temperature of -10 C/14 F to 60 C/140 F

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